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Nacho Alfaro

head of client services


After working in advertising agencies, large corporations and startups, Nacho came to sb ready to contribute his digital media knowledge, a good deal of common sense ... and serious table football skills.

As head of client services, his duties are varied and include the day-to-day running of the services business unit, providing support for the strategies and proposals the various services units are working on, and contacting and managing our clients.

Catalan by birth but Navarran at heart, Nacho is a socially hyperactive person who always has something to do. Meeting up with him is not easy, but if you manage to, rest assured that there is no detail from TV series, music or comics he isn't ready to comment on. And you can always bring a smile to his face by asking how many burpees he's done today. The crossfit community has made him one of their own!