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Nacho Alfaro

head of Barcelona office


After spending time in advertising agencies, large corporations and startups, Nacho joined our journey and leads the digital media unit, bringing a transversal strategy and a lot of digital common sense to all our activity.

Among his functions is supplying the appropriate animated gifs for each conversation, whether on Skype, email or even verbally.  Honestly!! He can illustrate a chat with gifs.

Catalan by birth and Navarran at heart, Nacho is socially “hyperactive”. He likes to simultaneously launch out on numerous projects that vary in type, and he always has something to do. So meeting up with Nacho can be tricky, but, if you manage to, there is no detail from TV series, music, manga or comics that you cannot bring up (that’s why some of his friends call him “Nachopedia”). That's if you don't get distracted by the garish shirts and beard...