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Iñigo Flores



Iñigo is Smartbrand. Perhaps because he is its founding member, and certainly because he is an infinite source of passion, steadfastness, hyperactivity and transparency for the whole team.

His specialties are Online Marketing, Strategic Marketing, perfectionism (but the good kind, right?), designing digital experiences, ecommerce, and above all conveying passion to the whole team with his constant happiness.

For Iñigo, to-do lists, emails, Skype groups and management tools are never enough to control a project. We dare you to find a tool that Iñigo hasn’t already been using for over two years. Name it: ________

Although if pushed to find one of Iñigo's defects, perhaps it would be that he lives in an eternal full-volume loop of the Frozen Moana soundtrack (Do you want to build a snowman? You're Welcome). Collateral damage of being an aita (dad) at the whim of his four daughters.