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Master's in Growth Marketing & Automation

Lead the change and gain the knowledge to take your company to another level.


Alongside IEBS, we have launched the first Master's in Growth Marketing & Automation. A 100% online programme where you learn from people who have already succeeded in a practical and inspiring way.


We progress from Growth Hacking to Growth Marketing. This method helps us coordinate the different marketing techniques that characterise the two: implementing the Growth Hacking Funnel, using web analytics, metrics, strategy and creativity, and determining the return on every action taken.


The Master's is formed of three training modules that provide the knowledge needed to set up strategies and execute them:


  • Analytics, metrics, strategy, research and identifying growth levers.
  • Digital marketing techniques (search marketing, paid media, UX & CRO, remarketing and email marketing).
  • Conversion funnels and AARRR metrics (acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue).



What will you learn on the Master's?


By the end of the Master's in Growth Marketing & Automation you will be perfectly able to:


  • Establish a growth model based on scientific methods.
  • Manage the main digital marketing acquisition channels with knowledge of the most efficient processes for each.
  • Quickly create an MVP using product design and Lean Canvas techniques.
  • Use Agile methodologies for testing and optimisation.
  • Handle web analytics, creating conversion funnels that allow you to see how your activities perform, identify priority problem areas and enable faster growth.
  • Activate and use Growth Hacks for the main platforms.
  • Propose integrated operations and test each phase of the AARRR funnel (acquisition, activation, retention, referral and revenue).
  • Apply knowledge of the tools and techniques currently used by the most successful startups to optimise the elements on your websites and applications, improving your clients’ and visitors’ experience with your products.
  • Develop action plans that enable you to advance the Growth Hacking process in order to implement an internal culture in your company with the sole objective of creating growth engines.

Who's it for?

Becoming an expert in business growth via the constant search for ideas and tactics to achieve product scalability allows you to achieve the goals you set yourself …

Programme specifically aimed at the following profiles:

  • Marketing professionals
  • Digital marketing professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Directors and middle managers
  • Business administration and marketing students

Where do our students work?

Master's Programme in Growth Marketing & Automation

Combine the most up-to-date theory and the most innovative growth tools and methodologies used by Dropbox, Eventbrite and LogMeIn with exceptional teaching staff, case studies and masterclasses to reinforce everything learned and the result is the Master's in Growth Marketing & Automation. The best Growth Hacking programme.

  • Growth Hacking

    • Introduction to Growth Hacking

    • Growth Hacking (scientific method and test)

    • Lean Marketing

    • Masterclass: The growth machine I

    • Masterclass: The growth machine II

  • Web Analytics and Digital Growth Strategies

    • Introduction to Web Analytics: Google Analytics

    • Google Analytics Insights and application to Conversion Funnels

    • Dashboard configuration, analytical reporting and auditing

    • Masterclass: Digital analytics success story from The Cocktail

    • Masterclass: Custom Report, Content Grouping and advanced Google Analytics metrics

  • SEO Growth Hacking

    • Introduction and assessing market niches

    • Technical optimisation of web projects for fast growth

    • SEO automation and linkbuilding

    • Masterclass: Black Hat SEO

    • Masterclass: On-page SEO

  • Content Marketing and Attraction Models: Viral Marketing

    • Social media hacks

    • Content marketing

    • Viral Marketing

    • Masterclass: Social media hacks

    • Masterclass: Hacking social media analytics

  • Paid

    • Social Ads

    • AdWords

    • Other channels (RTB, Outbrain, membership, etc.)

    • Masterclass: Success stories

    • Masterclass: Success stories

  • Automation and Programming for Marketing

    • Process automation

    • Introduction to web programming

    • Application of web programming to automation

    • Masterclass: Business process modelling

    • Masterclass: Development tips & tricks

  • UX & CRO

    • Usability and UX

    • CRO and testing

    • Neuromarketing & marketing psychology

    • Masterclass: An eHealth success story: mi Sanita app

    • Masterclass: Chatbots

  • Remarketing, Email Marketing

    • Email marketing

    • Remarketing

    • Business case and strategies

    • Masterclass: Email marketing

    • Masterclass: Email deliverability

  • Strategy and Research

    • User research methodologies and tools

    • Analysis of potential scope and competitors

    • Translating strategy to growth

    • Masterclass: Success stories

    • Masterclass: Success stories

  • Data

    • Big Data Marketing

    • Data Storytelling

    • Big Query and data analysis solutions

    • Masterclass: Success stories

    • Masterclass: Success stories

  • Agile Products/Methodologies

    • Product market fit/UX product design

    • Agile methodologies in project management and development/Lean Canvas

    • Minimum viable product (MVP)

    • Masterclass: Success stories

    • Masterclass: Success stories

  • Platform Hacking

    • LinkedIn Hacks

    • Instagram Hacks

    • Facebook Hacks

    • Masterclass: Success stories

    • Masterclass: Success stories

    • Acquisition & Activation

    • Acquisition: What are metrics and activation levers?

    • Activation: What are metrics and activation levers?

    • Approaching Hacks, test ideas

    • Masterclass: Success stories

    • Masterclass: Success stories

  • Retention, Revenue & Referral

    • Retention: What are metrics and activation levers?

    • Revenue: What are metrics and activation levers?

    • Referral: What are metrics and activation levers?

    • Masterclass: Success stories

    • Masterclass: Success stories

  • Customer Journey Mapping

    • MoT: Moment of truth

    • Customer Journey Map

    • Touch Points

    • Masterclass: Success stories

    • Masterclass: Success stories

  • App Scripting

    • API Endpoints

    • Scripting API I

    • Scripting API II

    • Masterclass: Success stories

    • Masterclass: Success stories

  • Final project

Who will you learn growth from?

You will learn from true professionals

Marcos Herrera
Growth Master's at Smartbrand
Josu Tellaeche
Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Smartbrand
Enric Viladoms
UX Lead at Smartbrand
Laura Ros
Social Media Executive at Smartbrand
Emilio Martín
Software Engineer & QA Lead at Smartbrand
Mario García
Head of PPC/Performance Marketing Strategist at Norwegian Airlines
Adriana Obregón
Retention Manager at FloraQueen
Montse Puig
Digital Marketing Analytics Consultant
Juan Manuel Martí
Head of Digital & Customer Experience Solutions at OmniCampaign
Eva Rodriguez
Brand, ecommerce and social media manager
Víctor Campuzano
Growth Strategy Consultant for Startups
Miguel Macías
Business model design and innovation
 Marcos Luque
Marcos Luque
Marketing Intelligence Specialist at Increnta
 Jose Luis
Jose Luís Sanchez
Head of Big Data Operations at Zurich Insurance Company
Ana Belén Domínguez
Growth Hacker

Become an expert in Growth Marketing, set yourself apart and boost your career, grow your company, start successfully ...