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Iruña kalea, 1bis - Plta. 5ª - Dpto. 7
Bilbao 48014

Smartbrand Bilbao

Our office in Bilbao enjoys wonderful views of the Nervión River and the new San Mamés stadium, and it is the home to the Athletic Club of Bilbao lovers. We guess that’s where all their effort and determination comes from.

The headquarters of Smartbrand Bilbao is located on a renovated industrial building in Deusto. It opened back in 2015 to shelter the Corporate and Administrative Management departments and the most experienced profiles of UX, UI and Web Development.

Smartbranders Bilbao

Eder Isuskiza

managing director

Iker Meabe

software engineer

Iñigo Flores


Javier Calleja

content & data editor

Josu Tellaeche

head of marketing & innovation

Maialen Madariaga

inbound marketing manager


the bodyguard

Sofia Avellaneda

digital designer


chief protocol officer

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