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Grow through technology

A User-Centred Tech Marketing Company




We are digital by nature. We do what we like, sharing the journey with satisfied clients and always under our people first principle.
Our values



We accept changes and grow with them. We get inspired by constant improvement and with the help of new own or external technological tools, which guarantee a differential value proposition.


Common Sense

We develop each digital product with great intention, criterion and effort, orienting its value contribution to solve an existing need in the market.



We take our clients' growth as our own and always putting people first is the focal point from which it starts.

Think Big
Scale Your Growth

Part secret sauce, part magic formula.
This is how we do it.


  • Digital Strategic Consulting

    • Research & Analysis

    • Go-to-Market Plan

    • Growth Marketing Plan

  • Experience Design

    • User-Centred Research

    • Ideation & Prototyping

    • UX Design

    • UI Design

  • Social

    • Strategy & Content Hub

    • Community Management

    • Customer Care

    • Advertising & Hacks

    • Influencer Marketing

  • Digital Acquisition

    • Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    • App Store Optimization (ASO)

    • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)


  • SaaS SEO Platform

    • DWX AI Platform

    • DWX InLinks

    • DWX Crawler

    • DWX ML

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Growth Certified

We are directors of the Master’s and Postgraduate course in Growth Marketing and Automation at IEBS (Innovation & Entrepreneurship Business School), Spain’s No.1 Online Business School, according to CSIC’s Webometrics ranking.

Find out about the Master’s

Visionary Clients

Cliente Smartbrand // Almirall
Cliente Smartbrand // Altaya
Cliente Smartbrand // ARTIKA Artists' Books
Cliente Smartbrand // BStartup
Cliente Smartbrand // Diputación Foral de Bizkaia
Cliente Smartbrand // BTI
Cliente Smartbrand // DeAgostini
Cliente Smartbrand // Fanhome
Cliente Smartbrand // Mi bebé y yo
Cliente Smartbrand // Noatum
Cliente Smartbrand // Planeta DeAgostini
Cliente Smartbrand // PlanetadeLibros
Cliente Smartbrand // QUADIS
Cliente Smartbrand // QuiMamme
Cliente Smartbrand // Sensormatic

Make your company a 
  • better one
  • bigger one
  • leading one
  • remarkable one

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Nice People

Our passion and commitment identify us.

Alejandro Alcolea

digital designer

Alfonso Martos

new business lead

Arnau Darós

social media intern

Bibiana Silva

social media executive

Cristina Flaquer

social media executive

Cristina Luaces

social media executive

Eder Isuskiza

managing director

Engracia Obregón

social media manager

Enric Viladoms

head of experience design

Eva Gundermann

PPC specialist (AWF)

Iker Meabe

software engineer

Iñigo Flores


Jade Rihet

junior social & influencer marketing executive

Javier Calleja

content & data editor

Jenn González

influencer marketing squad lead

Josu Tellaeche

head of marketing & innovation

Juan González

SEO specialist (AWF)

Laura Ros

social team lead

Lluch García

social media executive

Luis Rivero

social media executive

Maialen Madariaga

inbound marketing manager

Marc Tortosa

head of social & influencer

Nacho Alfaro

head of client services


the bodyguard

Patricia Cid

digital designer

Said García

junior motion designer

Sofia Avellaneda

digital designer

Teo Travería

social media executive


chief protocol officer

Víctor Balcells

SEO specialist (AWF)

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Barcelona 08010
+34 930 180 951


Iruña kalea, 1bis - Plta. 5ª - Dpto. 7
Bilbao 48014
+34 94 987 18 70


Calle Orellana, 5 - 1º Izda.
Madrid 28004
+34 91 218 85 92

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