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Víctor Palma

software engineer


Víctor is from Cordoba. He loves to draw, play the piano, and hang out with friends. He is very talkative and a video game geek. He perfectly fits the personality of a smartbrander. He is passionate about everything he likes, and in the technological world, he feels at home.

Developing his tasks as a Junior Software Engineer within the DWX Department, he uses his empathy and patience to collaborate in the development of applications and integrations of our artificial intelligence platform and our beloved DeeWeeX.

He is always ready to help out in whatever it takes. However, you have to be careful with the bottles that he uses to drink since he has the rare habit of constantly shaking them, even if they are full of water. The problem is when he has a soda… At least, on those occasions, he tries to be more careful. 😂