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Sergi Blasco

content manager


While the adolescents of his generation were fascinated by Messenger and Fotolog, Sergi was already trying out video and photography platforms, and his first reports were done when he got out of class, sandwich still in his backpack.

Sergi is an Audiovisual Media graduate, and his unique profile, which combines wide knowledge of the motoring world, precise copy and great common sense, all add up to make him the perfect head of our content unit.

Sergi is unable to leave any copy unchanged revised. And to a perpetual techno beat (which he says he can't dance to) he is able to transform ideas into attractive content and instant visits. Sergi also firmly believes that there is always ALWAYS room for one more comma and, of course, for a nice jumper—even in summer! (He fears being frozen by the air conditioning).

His perfectionism and constant attempts to control the timing of each task are probably due to him being one of Smartbrand’s veterans—rumors suggest that over the years he has inherited both characteristics from Iñigo. In that case we forgive him—we just hope we don't all end up like him ;).