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Sandra Bortolotti

content editor


Things have always been very clear to Sandra. After studying for a degree in Journalism, she discovered that she wanted to write for a living and live for writing, maybe as therapy for that innate sarcasm with which she bombards us over her first espresso (very short and no sugar) of the day.

And though she is a cultured person and well-informed, capable of writing on any subject with mastery, what we love about Sandra is that she doesn’t know the meaning of the word “subtlety”, because her sincerity and frankness are the traits that best define her. So be careful with your clothing, gestures or even search history ... you may end up being the perfect target for her!

Sandra, good Bolognesa that she is, loves to travel to Italy and return with her suitcase filled with pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano, mortadella ... and eager to leave negative comments on TripAdviser about every “Italian” restaurant in Barcelona!