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Olga San Agustín

social media manager


In basketball or hockey an assist is when one player helps another to score. That's Olga. Whether it is planning strategies, dynamizing, preparing reports or blogging, Olga helps Nacho to score goals and win decisive matches.

Holder of a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, Olga sometimes (though less than we’d like) loves to play around in the kitchen, although her favorite hobby is watching pet videos on YouTube.

Olga is the first yogi we’ve met who doesn’t drink tea. Despite that, she is able to meditate any place any time, and surprises us on a daily basis with her ability to keep her calm and wits about her in the Barcelona office, adopting a Zen attitude only breakable by elevators that are too small and out-of-sync subtitles. Grrrr, they're so annoying!

If you're reading this, Olga, we have a reminder for you: Go for that sushi roll you want ... you deserve it!