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Mickaël Adoul

influencer marketing squad lead


Fascinated by Mediterranean beaches and dreaming of wearing sunglasses and straw hats every day, Mickaël decided to swap his native Paris for Barcelona. And the direction of his life was so clear to him that the first thing he did was buy a mobile phone cover in the shape of a jamón serrano. He’s a keeper.

With both a degree and a master’s in foreign languages, and over 15 years tennis experience behind him, you're likely to find Mickaël in Bermuda shorts and visor not only in the Zona Alta tennis clubs but on the dancefloors at Nitsa and the Brunch Electronik.

Mickaël also assures us that his vintage wardrobe is unbeatable, and we believe it. So far, we’ve counted 29 different Hawaiian shirts. His style could be defined as a mix between clothes from the Barcelona Vintage Market, eBay bargains and accessories worn by his parents in the 80s.

After previous experience in Public Relations and Marketing, this Marvel film fan arrived at Smartbrand to become the crème de la crème (a term that perfectly defines him) of our Social Media projects and to manage influencers in French territory. Allez Mickaël!