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Leonor Casas

creative brand strategist


Along with the song dedicated to it by La Unión in the 80s, the Venezuelan city of Maracaibo has one other great milestone in its history: it was where Leonor, our bilingual editor grew up. She loves being a cool, trendy instagrammer and all the other things that sound better in English than in Spanish.

Leonor is such a digital native and mobile addict that she often says that with every “like” her photos receive she feels like she's “cuddling the fluffiest baby koala in the world. She also loves high-sugar content Colombian dramas and movies and doesn’t go to the cinema if she’s not going to cry. S o. c u t e.

Our most creative copywriter studied a degree in Social Communication and a Master’s in Advertising and Communication Strategies, so her Moleskine and a fine-tipped pen are the only gadgets she needs to bewitch us with her copy. Well, that and a Spotify playlist. Preferably reggaeton. And the hints of twerking she tries to contain to avoid prejudices.

Leonor: if you like reggaeton, go for it.