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Laura Mesa

social media executive


Laura believes more in the online world than the offline, and when she is told that there was once a time when people looked each other in the eye and said things to each other’s faces, her response is always the same: ¬¬

To define her, we could say that she’s what we call a chica del montón—a regular girl. Hang on, she's THE Chica del Montón! A successful personal project she dreamed up during her Communication and Cultural Industries studies.

This big-hearted animal-loving Mafalda is Olga's perfect right hand, taking call after call (and coffee after coffee) to prepare the most perfect Social Media strategies for each client.

Among her greatest achievements, we could mention her ability to follow 8 TV series at once, and her unique talent for finding the right answer to any Yahoo Answers question (even ones from trolls). Bravo Laura! The world needs more millenials like you.