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Jordi Galobart

senior UX designer


If at any point Jordi needs to compile information on your internet habits, he will tell you that “in order to create great user experiences for people, you need to know what goes through their heads”. So try not to be scared as he checks what you look at, for how long, and where you click on a website, because that is what UX work is ... or so we think!

A telecommunications engineer, Jordi would get bored in class and escape to surf the first websites in secret. He enjoys (yes, enjoys) being part of project strategies from the start, watching digital companies being created and grow.

But as well as analyzing user behavior on websites, Jordi loves to learn about other countries' cultures, being a great traveler with an anthropologist's inquisitiveness. He is also a multi-instrumentalist musician able to play wind, strings, keys, or whatever he has in front of him. He’s always connected to popular culture and tradition.

Mathematics is pretty straightforward for Jordi: accessibility + usability + persuasion = happiness.