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Ivan Felipe

head of creative


Ivan is the kind of person you want to take you dancing. Mainly because he's so good that he could win the final of Spain's Got Talent (and he knows it), but also because he could lead you through the most complicated choreographies while making you feel confident the whole time. That’s what happens when he leads sb’s creativity processes: taking control and giving confidence to the team are his greatest gifts.

His enthusiasm (along with the amount of green tea he ingests each day) means Ivan embarks on projects with excitement about transforming them into ideas that provide great results. What is more, his path as a creative director for major accounts and experience in the paradigm shifts towards transmedia communication have granted him the wisdom to confirm that, even today, the best ideas always come in the shower.

Just as Don Draper from Mad Men might, Ivan claims there are no better allies than a suit and tie. He also says that, above all, success comes from standing out, not from fitting in. It's a shame he doesn't know he's been banned from the Bilbao office's karaoke nights...