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Iker Meabe

backend engineer


Iker is an indefatigable full-stack programmer with broad experience in multisector projects both in startups and large companies. He is able to take the brilliant ;) ;) designs of our design team and apply the necessary filter of technological reality to fit them to the expectations of the end user and business.

His clear results orientation, his Scrum training, and indefatigable character guarantee impeccable on-time delivery. His specialties are PHP, MySQL, SOA, POO, MVC framework and GIT.

Although Iker studied computer engineering in Donostia, speak to him for 5 minutes and you'll quickly find out his team. This taekwondo enthusiast breakfasts on bugs every day and writes code that makes computers work magic, even pulling rabbits out of CPUs. Seriously, he's our David Copperfield.