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Erlantz Rojo

junior full stack developer


As the translation of his name in Basque suggests, Erlantz is the bright light of the Bilbao team. And not only for being the youngest Smartbrander in history, but because of how he invades the veterans' office with his intelligent humor and how they treat him like their spoiled child.

Although, of course, Erlantz is a “hard kid” who always wears his leather jacket with pride. His love of hard rock and his 70s hairstyles make him look like an Elvis apprentice, always to be found on his longboard, worrying more about keeping his quiff in place than avoiding the next obstacle. No surprise that he quickly earned the nickname "Lord Headbang " :).

Erlantz studied for a degree in Website and Application Development, and like all full stack developers, he says there aren't enough hours in the days, and too many lines of code. But whenever possible, he sticks strictly to his life motto: Netflix and chill.