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Beatriz Duarte

social media executive


Even with her boarding pass still in her hand, Bea knew her first visit to Barcelona would change her life. And when she returned to Lisbon she was already marked by the place that would become her next home. She even enjoys the neverending changes of metro line while listening to Manel's latest hits. Let's see how long that lasts ;)

As Social Media Executive, she streamlines our clients' social media profiles in Portuguese, while trying to ensure two hours don’t pass without her showing signs of life on Instagram. Because if she learned anything from her degree in Public Relations and Communication, it is that creating your personal brand is the first step towards success.

She's nearly vegetarian (sushi is allowed), uses boxing as a stress-release mechanism and confesses her great love of fairly graphic murder series ... though she prefers to keep this information under wraps. Some things are better left unexplained.