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Ainhoa Montánchez

social & influencer marketing executive


Ainhoa is probably the biggest social media addict you'll ever meet. 24 hours without discovering a new influencer or creating a Pinterest board is a wasted day for her. That's why at sb she feels so at home managing Influencer Marketing campaigns and sharing the TOP trends on each fan page she dynamizes.

With a degree in Advertising and Public Relations, this order-obsessed Bilbao native is the kind of person everybody wants as a friend: when you learn about her unique ability to organize everything with attractive lists of things to do and places to visit, you'll know you'll never be without a plan for Friday night again.

Although one thing you should know about Ainhoa is that she would compromise her own Instagram password to get first place in the queue for the sales. If this girl is sure of one thing it is that she'll never pay a euro too much for last season's jumper.