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Aina Taylor

SEO specialist (AWF)


Aina learned what SEO was with a manual in English, when links and web search engines like Lycos were the real deal. The phrase "SEO is my life, Google my territory" could be hers if it wasn't for the fact that she sometimes also likes to disconnect from all things technological by playing with LEGOs.

Expert in SEO search engine positioning and with more than 15 years of experience, she has worked for international agencies and companies such as Enalquiler, Grupo Vocento or RTVE and also as an educator in IEBS, one of our partners. She now joins the sb team as SEO Specialist (AWF) to collaborate side by side in the Organic Department.

Thanks to several factors such as her addiction to coffee, to Super Mario Bros, and to conspiracies, Aina is a perfect fit within the Smartbranders team, which includes a plethora of coffee-lovers, gamers, and Cuarto Milenio fans.