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Adriana Díaz

social media intern


Adriana is a lively Puerto Rican who always wants to learn new things. She is very respectful and loving. She spends her free time having drinks with her friends or taking care of her plants while watching her favorite series (definitely, she will have to go to our office in Bilbao to teach us how to treat these precious living beings better).

While she prepares a dictionary with all her Puerto Rican expressions, our social media intern is in charge of managing the social networks of different clients. She analyzes the results and collaborates with our Organic Department in the implementation of new brand strategies.

Adri is a lover of spicy food and a cheerful, spontaneous, and always positive person. In addition, she is an authentic walking Google Maps. We will see if she uses that talent to remove her roller skates from under her bed—where they have been collecting dust for months—and begins to use them on her walks through Barcelona or in other plans that she wants to make.